Welcome to ke6i.ampr.org

For RF connections if you are near Berkeley California Did turn the radios on, they seem to work, but need to calibrare.
145.71Mhz 9600 baud
144.37Mhz 1200 baud BBS port
433.43Mhz 9600 baud
223.60Mhz 1200 baud

Too much wind 1/21/2021
Upgrading to Fedora 29
Upgrading to Fedora 21
Upgrading to Fedora 18
Checked to make sure all the radios transmit.
Put in a modern Motherboard on this system.
Got all the RF side connected again
Patch versus fbbsrc.704r1. Bug fixes
Off the internet and fixed again. Other news.
Patch for ax25ipd (versus 0.0.8.rc2)
Another restore of the system. Fixed ampr.org again.
Latest adventures in ampr.org routing.
Messages on the TS2000 Cluster display.
ampr.org -- what is this?
themes.sys file for f6fbb bbs software.
Usenet posting from fbb
My main ham radio website. www.ke6i.com
Callsigns heard at ke6i.ampr.org
Nodes heard at ke6i.ampr.org
ke6i ham radio logfile.
Telnet to ke6i BBS.
Link to ke6i.ampr.org (New Fixed! 11/10/10)
Updated tunnel-munge for processing encap.txt. New! 11/6/08)